Concrete Jungle? My First City Garden!

what’s up…what’s up..WHAT’S UP!?

I’m from eastsideLong Beach, California, and if you know anything about the city you’d know for sure that it’s packed with loads of people. That’s not to take away from LB, however, because it’s full of different cultures and the beautiful creativity to flows from them. Had to express my LB pride really quick but now down to business.

With these cramped conditions how is one to toil away at the natural work of mankind? A patio garden! I’ve started my very first fully organic potted garden that consist off herbs (cilantro, sage, thyme, chives, oregano, and parsley), two breeds of tomatoes (celebrity & green zebra), chocolate beauty bell peppers, green leaf kale, arugula, red leaf lettuce, strawberries,red onions and bush cucumbers. My boyfriend has begun one red potato as well. Luckily we have a little more space than most, but I would recommend looking into how much space is required for the plant to reach full potential before germinating a bunch of seeds.

I began at my local garden store, Armstrong Garden Store, on 10th and Euclid. All the staff are extremely knowledgable and polite, particularly Jose and Dave.

The celebrity tomatoes, bell peppers and strawberries I bought as plants, and everything else I germinated.

If I could be of any help with the little knowledge I have on the subject please comment and I’ll answer to the best of my abilities.



My inspiration

Outside My Door


My Sincere Apologies to My Followers

To be totally honest, the only reason I haven’t blogged in several weeks is because I’ve been nervous about disappointing the few followers I have. I’m going to be brave however, because the point of the blog was to share whatever knowledge about life I’ve acquired, and receive feedback from the people.

Peace, love and harmony.

Although it’s difficult to live be those words daily, make a point to try and don’t be disappointed if you fall short because you’re only human.

So happy I’ve gotten this post off my chest! I’ll gain more consistency, pinky promise!


After re-reading some of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, I’ve become inspired to try a minimalist lifestyle. I’ve also read a couple of posts on popular blogs that encourage this life. They’ve helped with my understanding of the concept and how to get it started.

I hope to become a positive person and a better artist. I hope the emptiness will provide mental clarity and allow my creativity to flourish. Lastly I hope to be made whole; meaning, I want to experience mental freedom and act on it.

My first step is to go through my things and downsize.

I will definitely post updates as time eases on.

Wild Is the Wind: Bohemian Inspired Style


I’ve always been infatuated with an artistic vagabond style. However, I’ve never been bold enough to profess this style as my own. This year, I’ll let my creative fashion fly as if being carried by the wild wind. Here are some of my inspirations. Comment some opinions

My face painting from an artist at Long Beach's Funk Fest. I'd like something more subtle for daily tasks but I love those colors.

My face painting from an artist at Long Beach’s Funk Fest. I’d like something more subtle for daily tasks but I love those colors.

African tribal prints will always fit the bill for me.

African tribal prints will always fit the bill for me.


Tassels, vests and those boots.

Tassels, vests and those boots.

Boho kids.

Boho kids.

Prints again and head scarves.

Prints again and head scarves.